Road trip!

Cafe Du Monde
Beignets at Cafe Du Monde… amazing!
Street car through Midcity
Bourbon St.
Alligator from swamp tour
The bright red paddle on the steamboat
As part of our mission to 100 coffee destinations!

Being a senior in high school, one of the staple items on just about every seniors bucket list is a senior trip! Now before I go on, I would just like to put it out there that: yes, homeschoolers CAN take senior trips. (And have proms, dances, sports teams, etc…but that’s another blog post, for another time.) Unlike most high school graduates, I had the opportunity to choose where I wanted to take my adventure. The world was my oyster. “The world” meaning the United States… traveling on a dime had its limits. So after making countless pro/con lists about where I should go, I finally landed on my decision: New Orleans, LA.

NOLA seemed like the perfect destination. It had everything I was seeking to experience: intriguing culture, eclectic buildings, captivating architecture, and of course, delicious food! So we picked a date, mapped out our trip, and drove all 13 hours down to good ole’ Louisiana. Home of Creole people, Cajun food, and some pretty fine Po’ boys. One of the very first places we stopped at was a staple to New Orleans, Cafe Du Monde. Here we found delectable beignets, (kind of like a thicker, fancier version of fried dough) and a strong cup of Cafe Au Lait. It is all that people have raved over! Another NOLA staple we got to experience were the street cars. The street cars run up and down different highlighted streets throughout the city, making frequent stops at the most common places to visit. If you ever get the chance to visit, riding one of these is a must! Out of the many things we experienced throughout our trip, one of my favorites was a steamboat tour. Quite possibly the best thing about the boat was the bright red paddle in the back that pushed us along. We even got to enjoy a live jazz band as the boat paddled upstream! As these are just a few highlights from our trip, we also got to take part in a swamp tour where we saw alligators, walked bourbon street for the first time, (and might I say, the last time…) and visited different historical landmarks.

The history, the atmosphere, and the culture all made this the perfect senior trip. Here’s to many more new explorations!

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