Beyond sweating in the heat and humidity, constantly having several kids crawling on you while others are running away, craving A/C and knowing it won’t be accessible until you’re back home, being physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted…. there was a greater purpose. I along with 19 others, just got back from the island of St. John where we led a Vacation Bible School for the children that live there. Having been on this trip once before, my expectations for the week were completely different than the challenges we experienced. But despite the many challenges we had this past week, I can honestly say that it was one of the best weeks in my entire life. Our group of 1st/2nd graders had SO much fun pretending to be astronauts all week. We made our own shooting rocket ships, hung out in our space station, and ate candy from our (self) control station. One of the best things about the culture of the island is that no matter how tacky we thought something was, the kids LOVED it. They love the simple things… in fact, they PREFER the simple things. It’s one of the most charming things about the island: they know which things are trendy and modern, but most still prefer to live simply and don’t mind being set apart in that way. As Christ followers, we should be doing the same. To know what society says is right, but to still be set a part and follow what GOD says is right. Not just to physically show people in our lives what it means to be a Christian, but to commit to do what is right in our hearts as well. It is truly amazing that I went into the week expecting to teach kids, but never would I have expected how much was taught to me as well. Our entire team has so many different stories to share but in a nutshell: we all had so much fun spreading love to these precious kids, and can’t wait to be back one day!


My new friend Gabriel who was picking on me all week… his sneaky little smile is the sweetest thing!
The kids loved the play dough, despite that it melted since it was so hot outside, haha!
I told him to create a rocket ship and smile for the picture… then this happened.
11 out of the 92 kids we met this week. Their smiles are the sweetest!
Kimyah and Isabel both LOVED getting their picture taken!


























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