Love your enemies

So on our way back to the airport from a week serving in St John, our team stopped at a Subway (sandwiches) on St Thomas to buy lunch to take on the plane. As we’re piling out of vehicles and making our way into the restaurant, a man was coming out of the store when all of a sudden a simple “Good morning” from a team member set him off. And when I say “set him off”, I mean really set. him. off. The man started screaming and cursing us because we were white American’s. As he’s standing outside screaming and yelling at the top of his lungs, the rest of us quickly hurried into Subway and locked the doors. Somebody called the police, and the rest of us just chose to ignore him (after circling up in prayer for him) and continued buying our lunch. Choosing to ignore him, however, was very difficult when the man in all of his rage swung the LOCKED doors open and whipped off his belt yelling, “HIT ME! HIT ME!” As the instant fear set in to most of us, the girls ran to the back of the restaurant and all the men to the front. Now of course nobody was going to hit him first, so in protocol, we waited until he finally went back outside and continued screaming out there. Nobody really knows what happened to him, but he went from cursing us to yelling “I want food”. A man from our team responded and bought him a sandwhich and a drink. He took the meal, brought it outside to Mr. Crazy and said “God bless you”. The man calmly walked away, and we never saw him again. (Mind you, by this point the police still weren’t here. Talk about Island time…) In the midst of shocking emotion, fear, and courage, we very soon realized the power of Christ that was shown in that short moment. This man (obviously on something, or even possessed) never physically touched us. He threatened it, but he never did. He also wanted somebody to hit him. One thing we know is that the Bible tells us to love our enemies, and not to repay anyone back evil for evil. The man on our trip who gave this guy a sandwhich repayed evil for kindness. And obviously that kindness calmed his raging spirit. If that man from our team chose to fight the guy, the story would have turned out completely different. Our witness to him would be negative. So moral of the story is: big or small situation, always choose to do what is right, it will benefit you in the end one way or another! 

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