Winshape Camps is another summer adventure I’ve had the amazing opportunity to experience! For those of you not familiar, Winshape is a weekday camp put on by everyone’s favorite fast food restaurant, ChickFilA. A team of 28 members spend 10 weeks traveling around the country leading Winshape at various churches. Our church has been hosting Winshape Camp for the past 6 years! The day is filled with LOTS of energy and excitement. Kids are able to participate in different skills throughout the day, such as painting, cooking, basketball, archery, and SO many more. They also play tons of “easy to learn, hard to accomplish” games outside and, best of all, they learn about following Christ in a super  interactive way. The Winshape staff does an amazing job leading and teaching the kids in their group all while having fun. And trust me, it’s not easy. Volunteering for winshape means seeing first-hand what the staffers experience. Our church has always had a huge number of kids (around 400) which means each group  has about 20 children in it! Amongst the kid-fights and challenges, it’s not easy. But it is so WORTH IT. The blessing that the staffers receive are amazon to witness. They prove that challenges are worth facing if it means you’ve learned something, or taught another in the process. And THAT is what makes Winshape an incredible opportunity that no child wants to miss out on!

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